It allows you to find and delete all duplicate files
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Anti-Twin is a very useful program that allows you to search for duplicate files on your computer. The program not only compares file names, it also allows you to compare file content byte by byte, or images (pixels). Using either name or content comparison, you can set the matching percentage from 0 to 100%. In order to search for duplicate files you have the option of selecting two folders but it is not always necessary, e.g. you can only select the folder "My documents" and include subfolders. You can set the limit of duplicate files you'd like to search for. Another important feature is the "File filter", where you can set up the minimum/maximum file size and include/exclude only a selected group of file extensions. The time it takes searching for duplicate files, depends on the amount of stored information inside the folders selected to look in. Once the program finishes looking for duplicated files, you will see the result on the screen with a legend. You can delete duplicate files or export the resulting list to Excel or to the clipboard.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can search for file names, file content, and images


  • Using two Anti-Twin searches with the same drive simultaneously can block each other while accessing files
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